Broadway, Baby!

How the theater changed my perspective on date night.


Recently my husband and I escaped the three little people in our home for an evening and went to one of my favorite places: the theater. Over the past few years I’ve realized why all that performing I did as a kid, just for fun around our house, was actually a built-in passion for something that made my heart just plain smile. Maybe I missed my calling…Ha, just kidding.  But it truly lights up my heart.   It’s one of those joy-giving things my husband and I both enjoy, which is key right there…we BOTH enjoy it.  Not sure why it took us so long to realize, but it’s been great enjoying something so fun and different than your run-of-the mill date night. Sometimes we go alone; sometimes we grab friends to join us.  It’s a great way for us to spend time together and often invest in friends. 


Last year we decided to make it a regular thing, and go all-in on season tickets nearby. Not only do I dance in my seat a little, and smile all night like a kid, but it’s a pretty sweet date night with my man.  I mean, you can’t beat a fancy theater, music, and being downtown for the evening. It’s also set-in-stone on our calendar every month.  May I tell you a secret I wish I knew earlier in my life: when you invest in something, you will make yourself go.  Even if you don’t feel like putting on “normal” cute clothes that are not in your usual “mom attire” section of the closet…even if you get in a fun little argument the night before with your spouse, THAT never happens ;)…or even if you have a busy week - trust me, you will go.


Let me give you my take on date nights for a minute. After the three amazing little people entered this world, our typical date night consisted of dinner and a movie.  Because goodness we were tired…someone please feed me food that is real, let me eat while its hot, let me be entertained in a comfy reclining chair (which I may or may not fall asleep in), and then, please for the love, let my kids be asleep when I get home.  Can I get an amen?!?  This worked for a season…the up-all-night-with-kids, too-tired-to-talk, somebody-cater-to-me-please season. It worked then because we needed it then, and we established a good habit of dating each other. But seasons change, and now we are in the Season of Go: Weekends of sports and birthday parties, weekdays full of school functions, practices, and homework…and the dreaded school project (which is like homework for the parents).  But we own, and we love, the chaos. So we decided we needed to find “our thing” in the middle of the crazy.  Did you say OUR thing?  Yep, just you and your favorite…no kids.   That’s where the theater comes in for us right now.  It’s ours.  It’s what we love…together.  It doesn’t typically involve the kids, although taking them to Annie last year was one of my favorite memories (especially with my 7-year-old who would run up on stage if she could).  But back to my point…this theater date night is our “on the calendar” escape into the world of US.  We invest in us, knowing that one day those little people will be gone and it will be US.  For one night a month it’s about my husband and me, and the thing that makes US work, in our season. 


So what works best on the planning front?  Setting a date on the calendar is key.  Yes, you can always move it around slightly, but when you paid for tickets or whatever it is, by golly we are going.  You know what excuse I used to use all the time for this sort of thing?  ”Oh I’d love to, but I can’t find a sitter”.  Oh, you too??  Yep, been there, used that excuse.   Here is what I’ve learned with planned date nights:  You WILL get a sitter in advance.  You just will.  When it’s on your calendar a month or so in advance, and you paid good money for tickets, you will make sure you have someone set to watch your little people.  And that, my friends, is called an investment.  You decide to invest in one of the most important relationships in your life: your marriage.  Invest in a sitter, invest in planning, invest in something the two of you love.  I promise you…if I were sitting with you right now, which I sure wish I was (I’m better one-on-one with people), then I might just bang you over the head if you kept making excuses and tell you, “This is worth it, friend!”  Invest in those you love…what better way to pour out, grow, and strengthen something of value.


So for those of you who are skimming, here’s how we make date night work for us.

1.      We plan our dates in advance and put it on the calendar.

2.      We make a financial investment so we honor the commitment.

3.      It’s frequent enough that we keep a rhythm, but infrequent enough to keep it “special”.

4.      We BOTH enjoy it and it works for our season.

Now go get to planning and tell me what it is that you and your spouse love doing together!



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